Olivia Rose Jenkins

Olivia_webOlivia Rose Jenkins, Director of Security Consulting for ControlScan, has nearly 15 years’ experience in data security and compliance consulting. At ControlScan, Olivia is responsible for the company’s Security Consulting Services practice, which includes security program design and implementation; IT security risk assessments; PCI DSS assessments; social engineering engagements, penetration testing, gap analyses, web application assessments and more. Prior to ControlScan, Olivia worked with Solutionary, Inc. and IBM Internet Security Systems.

Olivia’s professional designations include Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP), Payment Card Industry Qualified Security Assessor (PCI QSA), Payment Card Industry Professional (PCIP), Certified Professional in Electronic Health Records (CPEHR) and Certified Professional in Health Information Technology (CPHIT). She also possesses a Certificate of Cloud Security Knowledge (CCSK) and is a Common Security Framework (CSF) Practitioner for HITECH/HIPAA (HITRUST).

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