Does PCI Compliance Equal Security? [Video]

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Companies are innovating all the time, which means new platforms and devices are constantly coming into play. These emerging technologies often generate, transmit and/or store vital business and customer data. At the same time the bad guys are also innovating. These hackers are organized, agile and very patient. Thus the malware that they are able to develop is becoming much more sophisticated.

Last year, 2014, was dubbed the “year of the breach” as there were some 20 major retailers compromised in that 12-month period. Unfortunately the breaches didn’t end with the calendar year; in 2015, hackers kept hitting retailers and also expanded their focus to include a greater number of healthcare and insurance companies.

Breaches are now commonly understood, because we hear about them every week in the news. Companies are starting to talk about them in board rooms too, some to the point of mandating special committees and task forces to report on security threats to their businesses’ stability.

But while compliance is a mandate and “security” is not, being compliant is no guarantee a company is secure. This is a common misperception that many small and mid-sized businesses (and even some large companies!) have.

The reality is that organizations of any size should go beyond the small scope of compliance to make sure that they’re truly secure. In the following video, Jyothish Varma and I share some thoughts on the important considerations your business should be making.

Take a look:

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