Get Ready for 3-D Secure 2.0

August 18, 2017 • Published Categories Industry Topics Tags , , ,

A “new and improved” 3-D Secure for digital commerce.

An update to Visa 3-D Secure has been in the works for quite some time. For anyone familiar with the older version of 3-D Secure, you know it had the potential to create a lot of friction in the transaction process.

Today’s battle cry in digital commerce is all about catering to the consumer and providing a low- or no-friction buying experience. The new version of 3-D Secure is designed to allow for a more surgical, risk-based approach to approving e-commerce and mobile payment transactions.

Like EMV, 3-D Secure use will be optional for merchants. If a merchant wants to overlook a risk red flag, they can do that—as long as they understand they will incur the chargeback liability if fraud occurs. And, as with EMV, it’s important to note that 3-D Secure does not reduce PCI scope in and of itself. It is a risk management tool for issuers and merchants.

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