PCI Compliance Support: It’s a Big Deal!

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No one ever said complying with the PCI DSS was easy.

In fact, it can be a real headache for businesses that don’t have access to an IT professional, let alone a payment card security expert at their beck and call.

Today most merchant acquirers work with companies like ControlScan to provide PCI compliance support to their customers. Of course PCI-compliant merchants represent decreased risk to your business, but did you know that higher portfolio compliance rates have been linked to decreased merchant attrition?

When it comes to PCI compliance programs, the biggest contributor to happy merchants is by far the level of support they receive:

  • Is a support representative just a quick call or click away? Or does the merchant have to jump through hoops to talk with a human?
  • Does the support representative know what they’re talking about and fully answer the merchant’s questions? Or does the merchant walk away from the conversation with more questions than answers?
  • Does the support representative ensure that all questions are answered prior to ending the conversation? Or is the representative rewarded for taking as many calls as possible in a defined period of time?
  • What about empathy? Does the frustrated merchant feel like the support representative truly understands and wants to help? Or are they treated with an equal and opposite reaction to their frustration?

The fact is, PCI compliance support is a big deal!

That’s why we at ControlScan are so proud of our Compliance Support team winning a Gold Global Excellence Award for “Best Support Team of the Year” from Info Security Products Guide.

Are your customers’ PCI compliance needs fully supported?

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