Penetration Testing: Ask the Right Questions Before You Sign

February 24, 2016 • Published Categories Best Practices Tags ,

Find an Experienced Penetration Tester

Like most security testing services, the quality of service you get in a penetration testing engagement can vary tremendously from vendor to vendor. That’s because penetration testing is human-driven, relying upon the tester’s expertise and diligence.

Evaluate Potential Providers

Asking the right questions of the service providers you evaluate is essential to getting what you expect and what your business needs. What’s more, you need to prepare by asking yourself certain questions prior to even reaching out to potential penetration testing providers.

During a recent webinar, my colleague Dante LoScalzo, Security Consulting Manager and a highly-experienced penetration tester, shared his expert insights on researching, evaluating and selecting a penetration testing service provider:

  • How to pre-define your testing requirements, scope and objectives;
  • Where to find potential penetration testing providers;
  • Which questions to ask when evaluating the expertise level and quality of individual providers; and
  • Why certain vendor responses should make you turn and run.

Improve Your Security

Be prepared before you sign. Watch our recent webinar, Don’t Get Pwned Before You Sign: Selecting the Right Penetration Testing Service Company,” and walk away better equipped to select the penetration testing service provider that will partner with you to improve your security.

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