Small Business Data Breaches are Costly [Video]

September 5, 2017 • Published Categories PCI 101 Tags , ,

Got 100 grand to spare? Or would a breach be a death sentence for your small business?

Seems like just about every day there’s a familiar company name in the news, along with the words “hacked” or “breached.” These are typically medium to large-sized businesses that have already consulted with their attorneys and allowed their bad news to come to light, per the law.

But what about the smaller, local businesses? It’s far less common to witness the corner pizza shop or Aunt Jenny’s boutique being publicly shamed in the media as a breach victim.

Just because we don’t regularly hear about them doesn’t mean small business data breaches aren’t happening. In fact, they’re happening daily all around the country, and these business owners are often suffering in relative silence.

Small business data breaches hide in the shadows.

Many times, small business owners are left to their own devices to not only protect their customers’ data in the first place, but also to clean up the mess when a breach occurs. Small businesses attempt to maintain “business as usual,” even while their owners are forking over large sums of money to correct the data security mistakes they’ve made.

Needless to say, it’s difficult to find an owner of a breached small business who’s willing to give an on-camera “post mortem” of what they’ve been through, but ControlScan recently did just that. We wanted to share the real story of what happens to a small business that’s been breached—straight from the owner herself—so that other business owners can take heed and better protect themselves.

Watch “Anatomy of a Small Business Data Breach.”

We owe a debt of gratitude to Carla, whose former restaurant business was breached. Carla learned some hard lessons from the experience and shares every single one of them in the video below.

Is your small business secure?

In the long run, securing your small business and complying with the PCI DSS is far less costly than the alternative. If you’re not sure where to start, our “Top 5 Security Best Practices for Small Merchants” white paper can help you focus your business’s efforts.