PCI Compliance SAQ A-EP Policy Template and Requirements

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SAQ A-EP Policy Template

In the last installment of the blog covering policy, we discussed SAQ A. The Self-Assessment Questionnaire (SAQ) A is designed for merchants who have outsourced relatively everything to a PCI compliant third party, and all payment pages are served from that entity. But what if … Read more

PCI Compliance SAQ A Policy Template and Requirements

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PCI Compliance SAQ A Policy Template and Requirements

In this blog installment, I want to provide you with an SAQ A policy set that would cover those merchants that have outsourced all of their processing to a PCI-compliant third party. (Note that there is a significant difference between SAQ A and SAQ A-EP. … Read more

How Website Security Gets Breached: 3 Common Errors and 3 Basic Fixes

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Website security: 3 common errors, 3 basic fixes

The bad guys don’t care what—or how much of it—you sell online. Today’s e-commerce businesses are in hackers’ cross hairs for many reasons, not the least of which is their ease of access. With the Internet as their gateway, every single e-commerce business is an … Read more

How to Reduce Your Online Business’s PCI Burden

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PCI Burden

Prepare Your Online Business for PCI 3.2 As they continue to evolve, the PCI DSS and its corresponding Self-Assessment Questionnaires (SAQs) are reflecting an increasing scrutiny on the way online businesses implement and manage the e-commerce functionality. Online Retailers in Hackers’ Crosshairs The majority of … Read more