Taking Stock and Surviving Windows XP End of Life

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Guest post by Jason Richelson, ShopKeep POS

April 8th has come and gone, and chances are your small business is still standing. However, there is no time for a false sense of security if the Windows XP operating system is running in your IT or POS environments. The very first update Microsoft releases to Windows 7 and 8 will light a powder keg with a very short fuse.

Seize the Opportunity
On a personal level, I feel that the shift away from Windows XP should be seen as a moment of celebration and opportunity for small business owners everywhere. This is a momentous shift, given the huge number of North American retailers and restaurateurs relying on Windows-based point of sale.

To that end, I collaborated with ControlScan to produce a practical guide that can help you quickly identify and completely address Windows XP in your business environment. Download your free copy of the eBook here: https://www.controlscan.com/whitepapers/windows-xp-ebook.php.

Please leave a comment about how your organization’s shift away from XP is going.

About Jason Richelson and ShopKeep POS
Jason Richelson is the Founder and CEO of ShopKeep POS, a provider of cloud-based POS software for managing retail shops and restaurants. Jason opened a specialty food and wine store in 2004, which he grew to employ more than 70 people. As a retailer, Jason had many problems with his Windows PC-based POS system and while on vacation his store servers crashed, crippling the business. This was the last straw, and inspired Jason to build a more reliable, cloud-based POS system for small business owners like him. Today, ShopKeep exists to help make running a small business better. Visit www.shopkeep.com to learn more or follow @ShopKeep for updates.

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  1. Windows XP is on approximately 27% of the computers in the world. That’s a HUGE burden on business to change. Microsoft Security Updates did not stop, but are by paid subscription only now. Windows XP is stable and works very well for specific tasks and needs.

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