PCI Scope: Getting It Wrong Can Be Explosive [Video]

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You’ve got a business to run, yet today’s threat landscape demands that you quickly address your business’s security weaknesses. Effectively addressing the business’s security needs involves isolating the environment that attackers could exploit. But how can you isolate the environment if its boundaries are unclear? … Read more

Got a QIR? Why you’ll need one soon.

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Visa QIR for PCI

According to recent statistics from Visa, 80% of small-business data breaches are associated with insecure implementation and/or servicing by point-of-sale (POS) integrators and resellers. The activities leading to these breaches are in direct violation of the PCI DSS, and Visa has taken action by issuing … Read more

What’s New in PCI DSS 3.2?

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At the beginning of 2015, businesses were validating their PCI compliance according to PCI DSS v3.0. Since that time, PCI DSS v3.1 was released and now the release of PCI DSS v3.2 is imminent. According to the PCI Security Standards Council (SSC): PCI DSS 3.2 … Read more